Hyderabad, India

In the contemporary presidential suite at Radisson Hyderabad, envisioned by Keerthi Tummala, a seamless fusion of functionality and style unfolds, characterized by thoughtful details and personal touches. Departing from conventional hospitality design, we aimed to craft an inviting, emotionally resonant space, prioritizing the human experience.

Upon entering, the Dune wallpaper by Arte walls captivates with its vibrant hues and intricate patterns, infusing the living room with earthy warmth. The lavish brass finishes and furniture inspired by the elegance of the 50s and 70s, adorned with soft curves, harmoniously blend mid-century aesthetics with modern luxury. Purposefully placed pendant lights, bespoke rugs, and captivating artworks delineate each intimate living area.

A custom-fluted rotating TV unit not only adds a tactile element but also serves as a subtle room divider between the living and dining spaces. Timber accents, along with touches of black and gold, introduce a comforting warmth to the neutral surroundings.

The tropical bar redefines in-room entertainment with a touch of glamour, while the minimalist kitchen seamlessly combines form and function. The spacious bedroom boasts a chic lounge area featuring a leather chair and a serpentine sofa, strategically placed for optimal relaxation while enjoying the television. Black and white art, a sunburst plush rug, and a brass floor lamp contribute to grounding the space, while a writing desk in the corner serves as a versatile office or dressing area.

Taking center stage in the bedroom is the grand emerald tufted bed, exuding modern glamour. Brass side tables, abstract paintings, and art-deco lights hanging on the sides add an artistic flair. The wide windows infuse an airy vibe, and the meticulously planned furniture layout ensures an engaging experience for guests. All furniture pieces designed and custom-made by our label – WA and Sage Living, reflect a sense of sophistication. Through a dynamic interplay of color, texture, and materiality, this suite room is imbued with warmth and personality, seamlessly aligning with a refined design language.

Project Details: 

Client: Radisson Hotels.
Location: Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Project Type: Hospitality- Suite Room
Size:  1500 sq ft.
Designer/Founder: Keerthi Tummala
Firm Name: Sage Living 
Furniture: WA Bespoke & Sage Living 
Photography: Sankeerth Jonnada