Beyond Regular: Bold and Classy Bedroom

When it comes to using classic blue in your home, perhaps no space is more well-suited than the bedroom. The timeless and enduring colour channels tranquillity and serenity. Here is our reliable guide to using this reminiscent colour along with the classic black and whites that will help you get inspired to build a bold foundation inside your space.

A blue painted wall might feel a bit flat, especially if the paint typically has a matte finish and the wall is left unadorned. Hence, we intentionally used this sophisticated wall covering from Casamance which has a natural woven texture.


Black is synonymous with being classy that is why it is a preferred color for many.

Constructed perfectly using the traditional rattan and a modern metal frame our Malacca bed has a very distinct look. The sculptural bed frame sets the eclectic tone for the room and works as the anchoring piece around which we have layered other black and white accents, lights, sculptures and decor.



The unique textures and intricate details on top of each other create a multi-dimensional effect that’s perfect for a soothingly simple atmosphere. The combination of black and white in this room naturally adds elegance. Our patterned bed frame conveyed an alluring impression while the beaded pendant lights and ornate mirrors from our impressive NOK collection undoubtedly enhanced its luxurious feel.

And we can’t get enough of it. The black stained mirror is perfect for any modernist who loves high-contrast spaces and contemporary designs. The bold color combo can actually look and feel calm, crisp, and comforting when used carefully and thoughtfully like ours.


Metal bed: The sculptural bed frame that works as the anchoring piece. (click here to browse)

Patterned rug: We went with a jute black and natural stripe to break the monotony and bring balance.

Textured bedding: When it’s all about the materials, plush textured bedding and decorative pillows is one of the key details that really shine in black and white bedrooms. Think embroidered pillows, quilted throws, whitewashed macramé influences.

Versatile lighting: The beaded pendants that lend themselves well to just about any style.

Accents: Candle stands, small collectibles that instantly create the ambience. Include a variety of textures.

Mirrors: Whether you are looking to open up your space or simply add a personal touch to your decor, mirrors can do it all.

(Click here to browse our mirror collection)

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